Calling All Bookworms!

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We are excited to introduce GG’s Summer Reading Challenge!
June to September

Get ready to embark on an amazing summer adventure filled with books, fun, and a super coolchallenge at GG’s Summer Book Worm (and Dirt) Program! It’s time to let your inner bookwormcome alive and earn a delicious treat on us. Pick your custom bookmark at GG’a Chicken Shop, and track your reads.

Between June and August, we want you to travel to the wonderful world of books and read atotal of 40 of them. This is the perfect opportunity for parents and their kids to immersethemselves in a world of stories, imagination, and excitement. Each book you read gets youcloser to a surprise. It can be a thrilling adventure, a magical fantasy, or a funny story—everybook counts toward your goal. And the best part? Kids that successfully complete the challengeand turn the pages all 40 books, will earn a dessert cup on us: a delicious Chocolate Dirt PuddingCup as a reward. So, grab your favorite books, join the Summer Book Worm Program, and let the reading adventures begin.

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